Chris is an absolute joy and a sunshine to work with. He’s knowledgeable and delivers personal stories based on reality and facts in the world of technology. This is a charming mix that we rarely see in this line of business. I’ve had the pleasure of having Chris on two of my events and he got top ratings on both events. In addition, he’s also organised down to the detail in terms of logistics which makes me as an organiser calm to know he’ll deliver quality content to the audience. Chris is a wonderful person and you’d be fortunate to meet him, if only to pick his brilliant mind or to chat over a cup of coffee. I’m hoping to work with him in the near future again and I’d recommend anyone to contact him if you need a little eye-opening!
— Emmy Jonsson- Content Manager & Producer, IDG Enterprise Events
I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Dancy when he was one of our keynote speakers at NextM in Stockholm and Copenhagen. He delivered a thought-provoking keynote that really resonated with the audience and has started new conversations. I can highly recommend Chris Dancy.
— Mikkel Hagedorn, Head of Innovation, GroupM Nordic
Something that really touched me was something I only recognized after a good night’s rest. Your status as the ‘world’s most connected man’ didn’t impress me from a technological standpoint. What I noticed was how connected you seemed with your surroundings and your present. For someone with tons of gadgets at your disposal, your nose was more often out of your iPhone, your eyes on your surroundings (along with your lapel camera), and your mind with whomever you were interacting with at the moment.
— Dovi Lipton
“An inspiring and interactive two-hour workshop by Chris Dancy was one of the highlights of the Futur en Seine program. Futur en Seine is the largest free and open festival of digital technologies in Europe which takes place at the heart of Paris and all over Paris region. This year it gathered over 30 thousand people, bringing together general public and professionals, startups and investors, virtual reality geeks and e-sport fans, adults and kids, humans and robots. (more at )

The minute Chris started telling his life story, he easily gained the attention and the trust of the audience by revealing his personality: after all, being the most connected man on Earth means having no secrects from technology. Yet, however passionate Chris is about all the state-of-the-art high-tech sensors and applications, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing between him and technology: at some point in his life he was carried away by the increasingly connected world and struggled to find balance. Now he knows how to use digital innovations to live a more meaningful and healthy life.

One can say that Chis is a tech-preacher, he made the public open up, «reading» personalities simply by looking at each other’ssmartphone desktops. The ‘phone-palmistry’ was followed by a series of thought-provoking tasks to make the public reflect on privacy and dependence on the Internet, the importance of suffering and how not to be a product at the age when big business pulls all the strings.

Finally, Chris encouraged the audience to come up with creative ideas on how to use technology to one’s own good, choosing spiritual health over convenience and kindness over consumerism.

Chris Dancy’s workhop was deeply philosophic and entertaining and proved to be well in tune with the Futur en Seine central topic ‘All Hacked? Let’s Hack!’. “
— Hélène Allain -Program Futur en Seine – Europe’s leading Digital festival
Chris Dancy is one of a rare breed of speakers who can translate technology into humanity. His journey to becoming the world’s most connected man is fascinating in itself, but he takes it a step further. He uses his experience to put technology into a context we can all identify with. He does this with deep insights that are thought-provoking and help open the audience’s mind to new ideas.

We have worked with Chris as a keynote speaker as well as in short film. We are always impressed with his delivery and look forward to working with him again in the future.
— Greg Woods
 - Hilanders
“Chris Dancy is an entertaining and occasionally provocative speaker. But above all, he is one of the most insightful persons on the impact of wearable technology alive. He doesn’t talk about what technology does, but what it means. Others have studied tech, Chris lives it.”

— - Hannes Sjoblad, Chief Disruption Officer at Epicenter Stockholm and founder of Bionyfiken, the Swedish Association of Biohackers.
Chris Dancy was on everyone’s lips the rest of the day (and the day after!) after delivering an entertaining, informative and dissident keynote on health data at the annual WHINN conference in Denmark.
I will highly recommend Chris!

— Kristoffer Madsen, FORCE Technology
I am so grateful for how generous you are with your heart and soul. You are such a force.
— Alexandra Drane
The reviews for the session were spectacular, with an emphasis on how insightful and thought provoking the audience thought your remarks were. In my book, that’s a 10!
— Lisa Shreve
I did want to take a minute and tell you again how your comments touched me. It reminded me that what we need more of is real, human, emotional connection. And you gave me hope that we can make that happen, despite (or maybe even with the aid of) all of our electronic devices.
— Christie Hawks
Thank you so much for speaking at the Digital Banking Summit. You were a very popular speaker among the physical audience and in the Twittersphere. Your story is so unique and interesting.
— Penny Crosman -American Banker
Chris Dancy was a wonderful start to our annual conference! Attendees found his presentation to be very thought-provoking and engaging. One person commented, “He was phenomenal. I could have listened to him speak for 4 hours straight. I was fascinated and can use this for our employee engagement strategies.
— Laura Wicker - Pittsburgh Business Group on Health
It was a pleasure having Chris present at our client meeting. Our clients we’re fascinated with Chris’s story. Chris is a compelling speaker, and his story is enjoyable to all audiences.
— Scott Carter, CMO Mitek
I think you are a great hero of our time.
— Daniel Billing
Chris Dancy delivered an excellent presentation in a very sincere and charismatic manner. Chris explained complex subject matter in a simple and humorous way while keeping his audience connected and waiting on his every word. He was perfect.
— Jo Brothers - Air New Zealand