Chris Dancy is emerging as one of the most engaging leaders of the decade.  He has shared his vision in twenty-three countries through thousands of engagements, conferences, and retreats. Covering a range of topics--from digital health to life after the Internet--Dancy has inspired corporations, conferences, and governments with his story of transformation and his intimate tale of technological dependence. Participants and audience members can't stop tweeting, photographing, and quoting Chris’ presentations



From 2010 to the present day organizations such as Salesforce to events like SXSW have had Chris kick off their conferences in over 21 countries. Chris' keynotes are disruptive. They are paradoxical and thought-provoking, and audiences can leave as confused and bewildered as they are enlightened and challenged.



Workshops are designed for teams between 10-500 people. They consist of instruction, practical group projects, and hackathons. Workshops are typically half a day to two full days in length and create an immersive experience for the participants. 


Organizations, from Microsoft and 3M to Healthways and CocaCola, have enlisted Chris to share at engagements around personal data, digital health, and emerging digital marketplaces.



After extensive marketplace research from disciplines as varied as events, communities through to technology and digital health, funding and strategy have become key elements of my portfolio of services. Sandhill Road to Boston nothing has been left to chance. Advisor to SpireSprinkle LifeState.



Investment strategy started in 2013 with Buddhist Geeks and continues with early phase digital health care companies around the globe.