Mindful cyborgs is a movement to help people place themselves--not their devices--on "airplane mode." The movement, which is supported by a podcast and local meetups, aims to create a dialog focusing on contemplative technology, critiquing the status quo, and creating mindful spaces, spaces where practitioners can use technology in safety and in kindness while they support their meditation practice. 


Our podcast focuses on contemplative living in the age of quantification, augmentation, and acceleration. Simply put, we take a mindful look at alternative technological awareness.


Our meetups are two hours long and involve meditation, technology, and kindness. Our guiding question is “How can we be mindful in a such a hyper-connected world?” Each session begins with group meditation, followed by a device contemplation topic or a reading and discussion. Gadgets are welcome!


Mindful Cyborg workshops are between 3-5 hours. They include 10 skills based team exercises. Workshops have been given from Chicago to Paris.1 

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Compass brings new insights on how you spend your time with a revolutionary patent created by Chris Dancy

Learn more about what makes you tick, get insights, and replay your day. Connect instantly to friends, family, and support. Applications should be as kind as they are "smart."


The goal of the truly smart home is that it be a place of beauty and respite where technology, nature, and dwellers work cooperatively. Technology paradoxically enhances the space while disappearing. This has been the goal with Casa Stuart, Chris Dancy’s Nashville home which has been designed so that the house, the seasons, and the cyberworld create a kinder environment for people and machines alike.



What if we designed technology to reflect our values? In the Information Age can we start to filter data and return wisdom to users in a way that creates feelings of peace and purpose. Contemplative Technology encompasses a set of principles, filters, and data techniques that helps humans focus on their basic goodness.