Keynotes, Workshops, Expo Hall Offerings and more, see why conferences around the globe can't stop booking Chris Dancy.

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Each keynote starts off with a review of Chris' remarkable 10 year journey as he connected himself to more and more devices and systems. Next, your organization can pick from one of these world renowned talks below or ask for something custom. Nothing about the future comes as close as meeting the future, Chris is all of us, tomorrow. 


For careers in technology focusing on the real trends in todays world.



For the families and friends we go home to in our hyper connected lives.



  • Patient zero in the digital health revolution - We’ve  all been there, the keynote speaker talking about the fantastical future siting examples of things, they read about, Chris Dancy is world renowned for living it.
  • Provocative and unsettling – Face it, audiences have had enough of talking heads that are provocative or fast talking for the theater of it. Chris’s keynotes are intimate and personal, examples from his life, audiences are bewildered and unsettled.
  • Practicing Buddhist – Mindfulness is more than Silicon Valley small talk for a busy life, it’s a practice within Buddhism. As a Shambhala Buddhist, integration is part of our practice and life.
  • Crowd Pleaser – Literally voted the best speaker at every conference in 23 countries for the past three years.
  • No Futurism – We are officially living the future, so futurists are a dime a dozen, Chris lays out the recent past and extends his vision into the unfolding today. Corporations from Fitbit to Google have consulted with him.


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  • Life is Skills– By successful integrating stories from our everyday life, Chris presents an intimate and relatable narrative for audiences.
  • Business World Experience- As a successful CXO roles at fortune 500 companies. Chris brings relevant takeaways for actionable next steps.
  • Quotable, tweetable and relevant. –Getting audiences to take photos of the screen, jot down quotes and share opinions is no easy task anymore.
  • On time, dependable and professional. –  As a speaker, Chris believes that 50% of his job is meeting expectations leading up to the event. That means respecting travel limitations, deadlines for working with AV and support the promotion of events. Chris isn’t just a speaker; he’s a partner.
  • Beyond the keynote – Chris doesn’t stop at the keynote, by offering expo hall services and workshops, events and a draw for local and national media as your event spills out from the main stage and into life




TEDx (Austria) - 2014