• Title: If Buddha Had an Ipad
  • Abstract: Mindfulness: the ultimate body hack for today's knowledge worker.
  • Description: Today knowledge workers are slammed with information from millions of different sources: from emails, TV, and social media, to nature, intuition, and their own five senses.  The sensory overload has led to many people either disconnecting, shutting down, or slowly killing themselves trying to keep up. Being human in 2016 means accepting change at an emotional level so that we can ride the waves of data all around us.  Digital Information Emotional Surfing (yep--DIES) is the one of the easiest ways knowledge work can be accomplished today. The roots are found in the eastern tradition of "Mindfulness."

    In this session we will explore:
  • The tools of staying connected without being connected
  • The practices of inevitability management and how to successfully ride the peace within a data driven life
  • The five traits of highly adaptable knowledge workers


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