• Title: Citizen Scientist
  • Abstract: TN of 1, the Me in Little Data
  • Description: What if you were given information about your health and habits in the same way it was given to a world class researcher or scientist? How would mountains of actionable data change your life improve how you live? What started with life logging and the quantified self has led to a culture of data-driven health prosumers. From measuring the decay of DNA to adjusting the humidity in their homes, the citizen-scientist of this decade will radically redefine healthcare as we understand it.

    In this session we will explore:

  • How the role of clinician, physician, and facility will change in this world 
  • The role of data collection in understanding future health
  • How to correlate environmental conditions to biological systems
  • How emerging trends in genetics and home health will change the world in the next two years
  • The top five things a family can do to start taking charge of their health


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