End Times

  • Title: End Times
  • Abstract: Life in the age of "the relentless now"
  • Description: Technology has has twisted our relationship with time beyond recognition. What started as a 24 hour news cycle has morphed into a perpetual now, relentlessly grinding away at our civility. Humans are evolving our first new sense as cyborgs, chronoception. Just as real as sight, taste, touch, sound and smell, this new visceral time sense is abruptly stunting our ability to communicate with each other. We prefer to talk to humans on the phone and machines in real life. Time is also being stripped away from physical objects, systems and cultural celebrations. 24 hour breakfast at McDonalds, bing watching entire seasons of television, vaping, black Friday that starts on Wednesday or release dates that start at midnight, everything is earlier and faster. 

In this session we will explore:



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