Meta-Ted talks

Often I find my story in other peoples's presentations. It's humbling to discovery other people find my years of body hacking inspirational or at minimum "noteworthy".
Today I came across a Tedx Talk from Sept 29, 2014 by Lauren Constantini. The gentleness of her story was very kind.

Wearable technology is a revolution that is changing the fabric of our humanity, I only hope we continue to evolve the conversations. 

On the other hand, Gerd Leonhard looks at my work as if I want to be "super human".  His time is short and I appreciate his message but I don't want to be a machine. 






With the impending release of the Showtime series "Dark Net", featuring my story, I think it's important to come to terms with how other people experience my story.

I've struggled with how my story will be told. In the world of public attention and opinion the secret trade off no one warns you about is the "right" to define yourself. Not very Buddhist of me, but something I'm learning to empathize with. 

It's no secret if you read my tweets or follow my Facebook, my life is rich for dissection. Let me be very clear about something. 

The only struggle I have with life, is one I have with clinging to the illusion that I'm in control of myself or my fate. Technology is not and never has been an issue. I'm the tool I fear and I become easier to manipulate with silicon.  

Shame me, point fingers at me, put me on a pedestal or make me king, it will not change one simple truism. We are all suffering a heavy burden and technology is illuminating the struggle.  

Wouldn't we choose to build apps, devices, services and systems differently had we known how we would use them? Couldn't facebook be about exploring your values, instead of defining your evolution?
What would it be like if you followed your mind, heart, arms, sleep, diet?
Wouldn't a truly compassionate system allow you to create a compassionate place for you to rest in?

For now, I've decided to accept my own "friend request" as a mindful cyborg.