Life after the Internet

Children born in 2016 will never use passwords, keyboards or worry about battery life.

The internet will be something leftover from their parents, iphones will be old fashion and wearable computing will be “clothing”.

They will live in a world of software updates and firmware patches.

Children of the future.jpg
Time itself will have fallen away and memories will be something you control with a preferences in software.

The quantified self will just be “life”.

Our legacy should not be how we used our tools, but how we designed them.Our biology and behavior have evolved to become the interface to our experiences via code.

The human race has created a “Truman Show” meets “Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind” world of immediate convenience.

The digital dualism of “Technology will save us” and “Technology is destroying us” is ripping apart families and soon communities. Yet, we still refuse confront this fundamental truth, we are technology.

Our legacy should not be how we used our tools, but how we designed them.

We are no longer in an age where blunt instruments of mass distraction, consumerism and hype have the same outcome on our minds.

We have the ultimate responsibility to talk about technology from an ethical and contemplative point of view.

We can no longer wait for a leader to come forth and direct us away from our own fears to the safety of another innovation that will correct the current crisis.

death of a cyborg.jpg
Crisis is life, optimization is suffering, convenience is death.

It’s time to become ok with not being ok.