Algorithms on behavior

Academic friend on Twitter worried about algorithms on behavior.

As someone who has instrumented and recorded more data in the last six years than most people will in the next 300 let me be very clear about what behavior change entails.

Algorithms for emotions are not that complex.

We need to get over this notion that we are unique little sunflowers.

Copernicus yourself.

Find me a selfie with the front facing camera, shot on a warm sunny day with 7 to 9 hours of sleep and you will find a happy person.

What we've done with technology is changed the aperture of our interactions and relationships to ourselves and how we express those feelings.

Same sunlight, pinhole or canyon.

Behavior is light, tools create the aperture.

Behavior change is found in the constraint not the output.

10 years ago it was very difficult to change behavior.

Our tools and interactions still mainly relied on other people over automation algorithms for feedback loops based on attention.

The worlds best scientist, theorist and philosophers have spent centuries trying to unravel human behavior tied to some causal relationship.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view human behavior is now very manipulable because of the tools we use to share and construct our identity.

Social media and connected media did this with what I referred to as soft data the ability to create a persona in real time or a way of being seen in a different light.

Wearable devices such as fitbits or home sensors such as thermostats or air quality make this next layer of data more difficult to manipulate I referred to this as hard data.

While you can manipulate the perception of your mood on Facebook your body's reaction to your mood outside of neuroplasticity is nearly impossible to manipulate inside collected data systems.

Essentially homes become lie detector tests.

Yogis and other deep contemplatives have learned to control their biological relationships to their minds with thousands of years worth of practice in contemplation.

Because the human race is at peak attention our ability to focus is so splintered, you can actually pass a tempest into a teapot at this point.

Beyond hard data and soft data we reach the state I referred to as core data.

Core data is the information you were born with and collect and measure via genetic testing microbiomes, and lab work.

Core data is essentially on irrefutable in its weight and irrepressible in its fluidity.

Simply put it would be impossible for normal human beings to change their genetic makeup without outside influences.

That being said it is not impossible to do.

Scientist shown genetic reversal and even repair through environmental augmentation.

The study of this science is epigenetics.

How much of the worlds press has focused on my overwhelming weight-loss know when it's bothered to take time to ask about the other significant changes in my life.

Enhanced intelligence, lean muscle, rest and recovery, social economic and even spirituality.

I simply operate in a constant state of flow.

This is a combination of cognitive iteration through constant feedback loops created from the environment, my body, verified through my genetics, blood work and biomes.

Simply put we are going to build a race of people that use technology to enhance every part of their lives or make them simple feedback systems for other attention biased systems.

We need to stop creating technology to accelerate a race to the bottom of the brainstem.

Our limbic system is a primitive part of our brain whose purpose has long been outlived.

Building systems that rely on eyeballs or attention is going to crush our ability to sustain the economy for another 5 to 10 years.

Most 20-year-olds in computer science or other white-collar jobs will be unemployed within 10 years.

We are Kardashian-ing ourselves out of jobs.

Everyone is a genius with the worlds next billion-dollar idea.

The reality TV shows, convenience economy, celebrity as everyday people all point to a scratch off lottery mentality which reveals the aging system of materialism and the exponential evolution of capitalism.

Technology isn't evolving money is.

Money has decided to force its way into your body onto the walls of your home and become a veil between you in the world.

The most lucrative brands depend not on your attention but on your behavior.

Worlds largest brand harvest your behavior or make it easy to collect and sell your behavior.

The emerging sciences in artificial intelligence and deep learning our computer sciences are attempting to continue to stay relevant in a time where it will be revealed that humans are simply living out their own little groundhog days.

If you're someone who's interested in the future of employment I would encourage you to look into behavior, convenience, and automation. These three skills will guarantee a healthy salary and a good 10 years of work. Simply put behavior is the interface for all goods and services within five years.

Beyond 10 years I would encourage you to look into environmental manipulation to foster genetic repair and enhancement, simply put the world will make YOU a better place.

If you're fortunate enough to be working in 20 years, encourage you to study philosophy anthropology and Buddhism.

I am passionate about creating an alternate economy for disparity in our world's income.

I believe we are at a turning point not only in our ability to support ourselves in the world in our ability to understand and to come to terms with what it means to take care of and show compassion to each other and ourselves.

We are in the future and you are unevenly distributed.