Mindful Cyborg Tour Fall 2017

Wikipedia defines Scandinavian design as design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality that emerged in the 1950s in the five Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark.

I adore everything there is about Scandinavia. The people, design, lifestyle and yes, even the weather!

Last spring I embarked on a 90-day tour of Europe with thousands in attendance to share two of my new 2017 keynote! 

This fall, I return to Scandinavia for 70 days. 12 Events. 7 Cities. 6 Countries. 3 Topics Tour, to finish the year sharing more on the topics that are shaping our world, Life After the Internet,  Time Hacking via Software and Being Intimate in the age of technology.

And yeah, I'll do a few sessions of iPhone Palmistry to boot along with teaching three workshops on designing contemplative technology and coding for temporal cognition.

After nearly a decade of wearing sensors, and automating my life it is evident that we have become overly reliant on technology to assist us in basic human emotions.  

These talks are provocative, mind bending and not safe work, but that's who I am.

 "Life after the Internet." 

While the rest of the world is binge-watching Netflix, downloading applications and contemplating artificial intelligence, Silicon Valley is planning on what life is like after apps.  From device in our homes caring for our families to content that will be delivered in our autonomous cars. Our entire lives are being algorithmically decided for us, even if you don't' have a smart phone, every person you interact with is being educated, entertained and informed by algorithms, devices, sensors, and service. For lack of an easy way to explain it, 1/3 of the global population is starting to live a lot as I did in 2012. These changes will have a dramatic effect on how technology in the future is consumed. The disappearing interface of glass is replaced by smart speakers, autonomous vehicles and wearable tech that lacks a screen. Each time technology removes a visible interface, how we CHOOSE what we consume also evaporates.

 "Memory as a Service."

Software and hardware have merged into a single experience for most people. How this symbiosis is expressed has yet to evolve. Many people today suffer from always feeling late, busy or even feeling irrelevant. This feeling of time collapsing under the weight of technology is not new to me. Time does become flat in a world of hyper connectivity. You don't live a single time zone, your news isn't local, and your friends have no borders. Technology mitigates all of these things. Technology is only starting to utilize your brain to make you feel less stressed, happier and more spacious. Memory as a service is a set of principles for using software to reclaim your life and time. 

"I love you, Don't Block Me."

In a world where algorithms divide people or match them up with paid apps so that they can schedule six dates in one evening in the name of efficiency, two years ago I started exploring how we meet, hookup, friend, fall in love, breakup and lay to rest the people we love. There is an urgent need to explore how to be intimate in the age of technology in ways that are meaningful and profound. This talk is about how we love in the age of the application and what keeps us together when we can't be in the same space.

 I'm so fortunate to share my passion for the human condition in so many magical places around the world where I have been lucky to make amazing friends and a few lovers.
If your in Europe this fall and you would like to meet drop me a line.  


Oslo, Norway

September 13, 2017 - "Life After The internet" at Telia IOT Symposium


Gothenberg, Sweden

September 19, 2017 - "I Love You, Don't Block Me" at Webbdagarna



Stockholm, Sweden

September 20, 2017 - "I love you, Don't Block Me" at SVT Digital Luncheon


Stockholm, Sweden

September 21, 2017 - "I love you, Don't Block Me" & "iPhone Palmistry" at Huddle for Good.

cutting edge.png

Oslo, Norway


September 26, 2017 - "Chrono-cyborgology Workshop" & "Contemplative Technology Workshop" at Cutting Edge Festival.

corp innovation.png

Oslo, Norway

September 27, 2017- "Life after Privacy" & "Contemplative Technology Workshop" at Corporate Innovation Day


London, England

October, 13, 2017 - " Quantified Workers in Precarity" at Middlesex University 

Helsinki, Finland

October 14, 2017 - "Memory as a Service"  at Biohacker Summit


Amsterdam, The Neatherlands

October 25, 2017 


Dusseldorf, Germany

November 8, 2017 - "I Love You, Don't Block me" & "iPhone Palmistry" at NextM


Stockholm, Sweden

November 15, 2017 - "Memory as a Service" at itSMF 

Stockholm, Sweden

September 16, 2017 - "Memory as a Service" at SIME