Dark Net Season 1 Episode 2 Review: “Upgrade”

The craziest thing about “Upgrade,” though, is how closely it mirrors (pun intended) the series Black Mirror. In my previous review, I mentioned Black Mirror as a comparison because of the somewhat dystopian atmosphere created by the technology, but “Upgrade” reminded me so much of the episode “The Entire History of You” from Black Mirror. If you haven’t seen that episode, I highly encourage you to check it out on Netflix. Whereas Black Mirror shows you what could possibly happen with our extensive use of technology, Dark Net shows you what is already happening because of it. If nothing else, Dark Net is a fantastic companion series to the other.

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Review: ‘Dark Net’ Explores the Digital Age’s Toll on Us

The scariness of the digital age has been the peg for a number of newsmagazine segments and docu-series, many of them not going, conceptually, much beyond “Can you believe what some people are using the Internet for these days?” “Dark Net,” an eight-part series that begins on Thursday night on Showtime, goes further, using examples of unsettling digital phenomena to ponder larger questions, like whether and how the digital age might be changing us as a species.

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