iPhone Palmistry

Who are you and what do you value? These are age old questions we now use technology to answer.  Since 2010 Chris Dancy has been "reading" people's smart phones and teaching them about themselves and the world. Conferences and events from San Francisco to Paris have had Chris come to the event and work with people to understand how their phones reveal their lives and beliefs. 

But why? What is the purpose of iPhone Palmistry? Chris started reading people's phones to simply help people talk about technology and the values they have. The phone becomes a conduit to openly share stories of our life, family and values.  By focusing on the phone, people are allowed connect with each other in a way that feels more familiar. 

iPhone palmistry is about creating "FaceTime" 

2015 -San Francisco, Quantified Self Conference

2015 -San Francisco, Quantified Self Conference

One on One

Chris meets with individuals or small groups and analyzes the details of their phones. During this exploration, a current state assessment, history and a future plan are created. As if by magic people feel transported to the life they value as each layer of their phone is peeled back and revealed. People leave feeling delighted, but more importantly, they feel empowered to look at their technology in a new lidght. 

Group Exercises

As part of the "Contemplative Technology Workshop" or as a stand alone session, Chris teaches people how to read phones and work with others for revealing the depths of our human-kindness within technologies. Audiences feel overwhelmed with intimacy and excitement as they explore each others phone layouts and talk through the intimate details of their life. 

2016 - Paris, France, Futur en Siene

2016 - Paris, France, Futur en Siene


With a friend sit quietly and exchange phones. 

One person is the "medium" and the other person is the "subject"


  • Make a vow to not speak while you're being 'read'.
  • Open yourself to anything that you hear.
  • Be willing to stay present with each moment.
  • Avoid judging yourself.


  • Take a moment to observe the phone. Examine it as if you're a scientist searching for answers about human life.
  • Open yourself to how YOU would use THIS phone.
  • Now imagine what life must be life for the subject.
  • Share your feelings about the phone and the life you picture.


  • What kind of case is on the phone
  • Is there a screen protector
  • Does the phone had a passcode, 4 or 6 digits?
  • Is there a lock wallpaper, does it match the home screen wallpaper.
  • What is the battery level, is a percent shown?
  • Does the subject use folders, fill every screen, what does their phone tell you about their life?
  • What order are the applications in?
  • What types of applications are being used?



Today Screen

Think of the "today" screen as the screen that shows you what you want to keep on top of your mind and at your fingertips.

  • What do you want to be reminded of?
  • What is your phone telling you to do?
  • What is it helping you do more/less?

Battery Usage




This screen is an accurate way of measuring how you use your phone. It's also great for making sure you're using your phone in a way that aligns with your values.

Are you spending all your time on work emails? Social media? Educating yourself?

There is no right or wrong answer. It's about what type of tool you want your phone to be for your lifestyle and stated goals.

Be sure to evaluate the last 7 days instead of the last 24 hours, as that is a more representative look at the way you use your phone.

Frequently Used Emoji

While not everyone uses emoji our phones watch our word usage and makes emoji's available to us. This means if your an emoji fan or just a causaul observer, you are your emoji. Look at the frequently used emoji on your phone to determine what types of things your phone things you're talking about!

BONUS: Apple Watch

What do your apple watch screens say about you? Are there ways you can slow yourself down or have a better relationship with time by using different screens?


Remote Readings


The Black Box

In Denmark there is a radio show dedicated to "reading" people's phones. While our methods are different, it's incredible to see other people using this method to find values in each other. 

Live Reading