Hannes Sjoblad - Biohacker

Hannes Sjoblad - Biohacker

With an international business background, deep insights in emerging technology fields and an easy going style of communication, Hannes is a popular speaker and business advisor on tech trends, in particular relating to the impact of technology on our bodies.

Hannes work and insights into near- and inbody technology has been internationally recognised by among others Wired, Motherboard, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, CNN, BBC, Daily Mail, Le Figaro, Nouvel Observateur, Heise and others.

As a biohacker activist, he works to radically democratize public access to powerful biotechnologies. In this setting, he does not step back from experimenting with technology with his own body, and his vision is of a future where the human body has fundamentally different capabilities than it does today.

Amber Case - Cyborg Anthropologist

Amber Case - Cyborg Anthropologist

Amber Case studies the interaction between humans and computers and how our relationship with information is changing the way cultures think, act, and understand their worlds. Case is currently a fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society and a visiting researcher at the MIT Center for Civic Media.

Case is the author of Calm Technology, Design for the Next Generation of Devices.  She spoke about the future of the interface for SXSW 2012’s keynote address, and her TED talk, “We are all cyborgs now,” has been viewed over a million times. Named one of National Geographic’s Emerging Explorers, she’s been listed among Inc. Magazine’s 30 under 30 and featured among Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Technology. She was the co-founder and former CEO of Geoloqi, a location-based software company acquired by Esri in 2012. In 2008, Case founded CyborgCamp, an unconference on the future of humans and computers.

Case lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Portland, Oregon. You can follow her on Twitter @caseorganic and learn more at caseorganic.com.

Sara M. Watson - Technology Critic

Sara M. Watson -  Technology Critic

Sara M. Watson is a technology critic, an affiliate with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, and a writer in residence at Digital Asia Hub

Sara writes and speaks about emerging issues in the intersection of technology, culture, and society. As a Fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, Sara researched the writers and publications contributing to the discussion about technology and society. She published a report in the Columbia Journalism Review that proposed a constructive approach to technology criticism that not only critiques, but also offers alternatives. Her writing appears in The Atlantic, Wired, Gizmodo, Motherboard, Harvard Business Review, Al Jazeera America, and Slate. She presents at technology conferences around the globe, including SXSW and O’Reilly Strata.

Sara began her career as an enterprise technology analyst at The Research Board (Gartner, Inc.), exploring implications of technological trends for Fortune 500 CIOs. She holds an MSc in the Social Science of the Internet with distinction from the Oxford Internet Institute, where her award winning thesis examined the personal data practices of the Quantified Self community. She graduated from Harvard College magna cum laude with a joint degree in English and American literature and film studies. Her work continues to draw from media studies, science and technology studies, anthropology, and literature.


Sara splits time between Singapore, Cambridge, and New York. Her partner and co-pilot is Nick R. Smith. She writes an occasional newsletter about their Southeast Asian adventures. She enjoys emoji, karaoke, emoji karaoke, following corgis on Instagram, baking, and list making. She tweets @smwat.

Ryan Munsey - Expert on Human Performance

Ryan Munsey - Expert on Human Performance

The Chief Optimizer at Natural Stacks and host of the Optimal Performance Podcast, Ryan is a leading expert on human performance. 

A former fitness model, with a Dietetics degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Clemson University, Ryan has created and sold a performance training facility (House of Strength), written for leading fitness publications (Men’s Fitness, T-Nation, EliteFTS) is a member of the Men’s Health Fitness Council, and spends his days as the Chief Optimizer at Natural Stacks, a supplement company leading the way in brain health and optimization.

A noted keynote speaker, private and corporate consultant, Ryan’s client resume includes Olympic, professional and collegiate athletes, rocket scientists (SpaceX), Hollywood celebrities, special forces operators, neuroscientists, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and “weekend warriors”. Ryan speaks to equally diverse, yet performance-driven groups, from strength coaches at training certification programs to Silicon Valley Investors and biohackers at international summits.

When he’s not focused on these passion projects, you can find Ryan and his wife hiking, hunting, traveling, and exploring the world.

Mattias Ribbing - Grand Master of Memory

Mattias Ribbing - Grand Master of Memory

Working as a teacher with a passion for optimizing learning, I went on a quest to fully master my memory and focus. The results have been beyond what many people think are possible.

To get the improvements officially recognized, I attended memory competitions. I became a three times Swedish champion and achieved the status of ”International Grand Master of Memory”. I am officially ranked as having among the best memories in the world of all times.

Nowadays I am a public speaker and educator who train people from all walks of life to maximize their cognitive performance. I have been invited to lecture at Harvard Business School  and my two books have sold over 45.000 copies in Sweden. My full works are now launched internationally, packaged as practical online courses.