Praise for Dancy

One of the reoccurring themes in modern life is the rapid pace of technical innovation. Your top of the line smart phone is never top of the line for very long. The tip of the spear where technology is concerned is Chris Dancy.”
Technology will continue to play a larger roll in our day to day lives, however for [Dancy] that future is now
— The Wall Street Journal
You might say he’s the closest thing to a real-life cyborg.
— Fox News
“When Chris Dancy says he’s our future, we should take it as both invitation and threat. Here’s a vision of the next stage of humanity. If you want to optimize human beings for cyborg reality, this is the direction to go...”
— Douglas Rushkoff
[Dancy] is on the cutting edge.
— Wired
One of the people to seek out if you’re looking to innovate in the [tech] space
— Business Insider
You probably know someone, like Chris Dancy, but not really, Chris Dancy is arguable the most quantified self in America, probably the world
— Marketplace
Dancy’s a pioneer in the “quantified self movement.”
Dancy is the ultimate example of two revolutions underway in tech: the Internet of Things (smart thermostats, garage doors, toothbrushes, tennis racquets) and quantified self (what you learn about yourself from trackers).
— Mashable