Location Based Services Not Just for Consumers – Location as an IT Service Desk Enabler

At Interop this week I sat in a keynote where a Cisco executive explained how their location based technologies are enabling the MGM Grand resort in Las Vegas to have deeply contextualized and personalized interactions with guests in the resort. That got me thinking about location within an enterprise and, coincidentally I had a chat with Chris Dancy, blogger, raconteur and now BMC employee about the very subject. I’ve previously written a post about BMC’s MyIT product (disclosure – I recently wrote a whitepaper supported by BMC about the the organization of the future and its impact on IT). MyIT is a cross platform, cross device service that delivers all the users across an organization a personalized portfolio of products alongside support offerings. It’s the way an enterprise can give its users an app store, with the requisite checks, controls and auditing that IT demands.