Cyborg“ Chris Dancy: Vernetzung macht Internet unsichtbar

Das "sichtbare Internet " könnte es schon bald nicht mehr geben. "Es verschwindet. Unsere Körper werden zur digitalen Schnittstelle. Wir sind das Internet, unsere Freunde Webseiten und unsere Familienmitglieder Apps", erklärte der US-Amerikaner Chris Dancy, der praktisch rund um die Uhr über Sensoren und digitale Geräte "online“ ist, bei einem VIP-Event der Plattform "Digital Business Trends“ (DBT) gestern, Donnerstag, in Wien. August 24, 2015.

Tech giants gambling on health technology

When pharmacist Thuan Vuu plays basketball, he laces his feet into a pair of Nike Hyperdunk+ shoes fitted with a sensor that sends data to his iPhone. He can see how far he’s run and how high he’s jumped, and by setting himself goals – he aims for at least two kilometres per game – he can not only play to win, but also have a benchmark for a successful workout.

A Numbers Man

Chris Dancy records nearly every detail of his life. So much so that Wired magazine has dubbed him “the Quantified Man”. Using a combination of sensors, mobile devices and ‘low friction’ tracking software, Dancy is seamlessly building a digital archive of his entire being that he says will one day enable him to outsource much of his activity to an algorithmic “online version of himself”.

LEADit 2012 - Interview with Chris Dancy

Chris Dancy delivered a number of presentations at LEADit 2012, itSMF Australia's 15th National Conference and Expo at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, 20-22 August, 2012. He spoke about the role of social media in ITSM and the impact that reputation indexes will have on the future of the industry.