Chris Dancy: From Big Data to Big Wisdom

This week, Digital Mindfulness interviews Chris Dancy, once touted as the “most connected man on earth”, Chris has been featured in Wired, Businessweek and the Wall Street Journal. He is now featured in Showtime’s Dark Net. For more than 25 years, Chris has been a thought leader at the intersection of technology and healthcare and earned the moniker by connecting more than 700 sensors, devices and applications to track and optimize every element of his life. It was this quantification that helped Chris to see other information that was otherwise invisible to him and to dramatically improve the quality of his life. March 31, 2016.

World's most connected train

You might have heard of the American software developer Chris Dancy, more commonly known by his nickname; the world's most connected man. Dancy earned his title by linking wearable diagnostic gadgetry to smart technology in his house, thus recording every aspect of his life. He calls this network his 'inner-net'. Here Amy Wells, Electroustic’s marketing manager, asks ‘if Dancy is the world's most connected man, what is the world's most connected train?’

Meet Chris Dancy, the World’s Most Connected Human

Creatives flocked to the South of France in their thousands last week for the Cannes International Festival of Creativity, but there was one visitor in particular who carried a lot more baggage onto the aeroplane than most.

Chris Dancy: The Quantified Self’s Nexus Point

When I meet Chris Dancy, I ask him how he’s feeling. He grins mischievously and says, “I feel great, and I have the data to prove it!” Over the next 30 minutes, he gives me no reason to doubt the truth of his assessment. Dancy, is at the sharp end of the Quantified-Self movement, which has now blossomed, into a global force. Combining wearable sensors and wearable computers, with self-tracking and data visualisation software, quantified-self(er’s) seek actionable insights into both lifestyle and behaviour. There are now hundreds of meet-ups, happening every week on all six continents.

Ricky meets world's most connected man

The latest technology you can wear has been on display in London this week. Wearable tech isn't just a gimmick for Chris Dancy - it's a way of life! He uses between 300 and 700 systems at a time to monitor everything from his heartbeat to his sleep patterns. Is he the world's most connected man? We sent Ricky to take a closer look at all the gadgets Chris wears.