Workshops are designed for teams and compliment keynotes. Each workshop consists of instruction, interactive group projects, and staged group "hackathons". Workshops can be given at executive retreats, on corporate campuses, or in conference centers. Workshops create a unique way for conferences to augment the value of the event and generate additional revenue and sponsorship opportunities. 


Offering SIX remarkable workshops to follow up on the themes from the keynotes, Chris guides participants with hands on interactive sessions!

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  1. Mindful Cyborg Workshop- Hands on Technical Mindfulness.

  2. Chrono-Cyborgology Workshop- Designing Experiences and Interfaces for Time. (UX/ UI Professionals/ Developers)

  3. Love and Intimacy Workshop – Using technology to be closer to yourself and family.

  4. Life After Apps – Creating solutions for the Post App economy.

  5. Cyborg 101 – Digital Health in the Workplace.

  6. Data and You – Organizing a life with data.