Many people are becoming obsessed with influence meters online.  Klout and PeerIndex are two such tools.  

I feel these tools give guidance on your journey but they ultimately only serve a few purposes.

  1. To give you a starting number or rank to use as a guide.
  2. To give you a benchmark.  In this way you can look to others you admire to see what they are doing online so that you can be more like them.
  3. To help you understand the different types of sharing online.

Notice, not once did I use the word influence.  Influence is complete marketing spin when it comes to social media.

People love marketing and love spin, so for now pretend you agree with influence.

If you want to be more online, take time to share what YOU find interesting.  Share it differently in different channels.

Ultimately what you share and how that data is used is the true meter of influence.

Be kind to each other.