A year in review of personal data, should be, well, personal.

What if you had access to every moment of your day in an easy to understand way? 

Learn about you in a way the "Facebook" year in review doesn't show you?

This is the Quantified Self. 

With all the social sites mining our behavior, I thought I'd share about an hour of review with the world on what made me tick in 2014. 

I record 10 areas of my life, social media to health, environment to entertainment.  

Before we get to far, remember, 2015 you will have to purchase your life back. 



What am I talking about? Well when it comes to twitter, I'm pretty consistent.  

Important changes did take place in my external cognitive exhaust.

2014 "People" over took "Data" as my most used word on twitter. The words actually traded places.  The percentage of their overall usage didn't change though. .9% of the time, I'm on one of those topics. 

What about the other differences between 2013 and 2014?

Well in 2014 I became more interested in "now", "need" and "time". Also for the first time, my "life" made the top 10.

Missing from 2014, "want", "future" also the "World" is no longer in my life.

The Story:

Who, what, where, when, why, how? Yup to every day there is a story, but how did my story go in 2014 vs. 2013?

2014 was all about "What, Who and When"

2013 was solidly about "How, What, and Who"

Simply put, 2014 I stopped worrying about "How" and started focusing on "When"

Just betwen you and I:

What about us, how often did I mention, I, me, or you, your?

2014 was about you at 1814 mentions, I only mention me 662 times.

2013 was about you at 852 mentions, I only mention 498 times.

For the record, you're twice as important to me in 2014. "Our" even doubled in use between 2014 and 2013. 133 vs. 65.


2014 I lost 28 pounds, walked 1165 miles and slept soundly 2321 hours. 

2013 I lost 39 pounds, walked 827 miles and slept soundly  1817 hours. 

20 days of dreams that didn't exist in 2013.  

Took a toll on my heart too with my average heart rate going from 77 to a calm 69 beats per minute. 


My environment, also had some surprises. 2013 was a much quieter year with my average noise at home coming in at 55db vs 67db in 2013. I also warmed my heart up, my average bedroom temperature went from 73 degrees in 2013 to a balmy 77 degrees in 2014. 

A warmer life more quiet life can help you slow down.


2014, Saturday is my day to jam, with an average of 3 hours of music. My winter was all about Madonna, Spring was very latin with Luis Cobos, the summer became reflective with Brian Eno and my year ended with Natalie Merchant.

2013 was a bit more up beat, with four hours of music on Saturdays and my artist were Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna and Michael Jackson making up my seasons. 

Dropping by a whopping 18% my average beats per minute consumed in music betwen 2013 and 2014. 

So what does all this tell me?

It tells me any thing I want it to.  

That's the amazing and painful thing about "your data".

It's not about data ownership, it's about data stewardship.

Move slow, be kind, and remember, you're not broken, the world is and you are not and never will be the world.