2014 Trends and Keynotes - The Christory Topics

As with each year in the past four (2012&2013), I have crafted presentations on the most urgent trends that need to be talked about for knowledge workers globally.  After a mediawhirlwind in 2013 , it's time to forge forward.  

Physical conferences are so very important in this age of connected awareness. See you somewhere on the globe in 2014.

I'm so fortunate to have been to five continents and presented to over 30,000 people over the past three years.

Most of my presentations are always available before the conference, and I distribute all materials on PDF, Evernote, Kindle, SMS and using location-based tools.

My slides consistently attract somewhere between 3-30k downloads and views per deck on SlideShare.

My schedule for 2014 is very aggressive, and I look forward to visiting so many new countries and people! 

I strive to bring information to each conference that changes lives, promotes that conference and it's organizers, and changes the world.

This is profound in the age of the temporary, and I am so honored to represent so many diverse communities in 2014.

From healthcare in a Palm Springs desert, World AIDS day in Melbourne, Australia, all the way to back to my home town of Colorado for Buddhist Geeks, in October 2014!