Working from home is normal.  It's natrual and most people even if they go to a physical office, still work when they are back at home.

For remote workers who work from home the enterprise is very different. I thought I would post a few items that are on my mind.


  1. When you are a remote knowledge worker that is home based, You are always at work.
  2. I seldom take regular showers.
  3. Turning on the skype camera can be a career killer.
  4. Conference calls in the nude are allowed.
  5. Dogs barking while you are on a conference call IS normal in 2011, don't apologize for it.
  6. Twitter becomes the extended cube visits you don’t get to be a part of.
  7. Our version of lunch with coworkers is watching youtube or catching up on blogs we like.
  8. If you ask me, Do you have time, and I say sure, it doesn’t mean, I have nothing to do, it means you are important enough for me to move that period of time around to meet with you.
  9. When I come to the office to visit, seriously, I’m there to visit and not work.
  10. When possible, call me, don’t email.  I really need to hear other people’s voices.