Since his first appearance in TechCrunch in 2013, Chris Dancy has continued to create a global conversation around technology, social connections, and our ever-more-digitized lives. His story has been disseminated by media outlets in 21 countries, and he has made multiple appearances on radio, podcasts, and television shows. In January 2016, Showtime debuted Dark Net, a documentary series exploring Dancy’s digital world. 

In 2017 Chris Dancy's "I AM YOU TOMORROW", in which he elaborates on his "digital happiness project" with personal stories, inspiration and practical advice on becoming happier and healthier, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, pitched as a cross between Marie Kondo and Gretchen Rubin for the tech-dependent—us all, to Elisabeth Dyssegaard at St. Martin's, by Kirby Kim at Janklow & Nesbit (NA).

If there’s one person qualified to speak for the individuals of the world on the subject of the quantified self, it’s probably Chris Dancy.

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A look back at 2013 and 2014 as the world started to ask questions about our role with technology.


Using a speculative design foresight approach, this study explores the rapidly developing area of wearable, implantable, and ingestible technologies, exploring how they might influence us over the next several decades. The authors have combined traditional research methods (literature review and expert interviews), foresight methods (environmental scanning, trends analysis, and scenario creation), along with narrative and imagery conjecture to produce an evocative account of future possibilities in the realm of the tools we use outside and inside our bodies.

A collaborative project by Karen Maxwell and Shannah Segal

On Set, In Print, and behind the scenes

Often more magic is created when the cameras aren't rolling. Here is a collection of photographs from Chris’ journey with the press.


From 2011 to 2016 Chris has been documenting not only his data, but also his relationship to technology through a series of photo shoots around the world. Full resolution photos are available for download here.